Bassplayer / Composer

Born on September 26 1986 in south west France, Elvin grew up in a family where Miles Davis, Frank Zappa, Serge Gainsbourg and Salif Keita were usually listened to. This awoke his creativity and he realized that music doesn’t have any limits.

As a self-taught musician, he started playing electric bass at the age of thirteen.

Curious and open-minded, he quickly diversified his musical experiences with collaborations in jazz, “world music” (West Africa, Maghreb, Cuba, Brazil, West Indies), pop, hip hop and RnB.

Coming from a multi-cultural family, he was inspired by the Martinican culture of his maternal grandfather and soon, Caribbean music made a special place in his musical journey.

At 18, he moved to Toulouse and began his career by playing with many local artists.And, eventually became a member of the FDH trio with the pianist Thibaud Dufoy and the drummer Arnaud Dolmen.Together they participated in many events and contests like Jazz à la Defense, and won the 2012 Golden jazz Trophy edition.

The same year they released “Le Free du hazard” album with renowned artists: Jacques Schwarz-Bart, Mino Cinelu and Sonny Troupé.

After he moved to Paris in 2014, he created a quartet with the pianist Grégory Privat, the guitarist Ralph Lavital and the drummer Pierre-Alain Tocanier. And later, went on to record his first album “A QUEST(Jazz Family / Socadisc) which was released in November 2016.

In 2022, he released “LUEURS” (Bizonart / Inouidistribution) with Ricardo Izquierdo on tenor saxophone, Gregory Privat on Fender Rhodes and keys, Laurent Emmanuel « Tilo » Bertholo on drums and featuring Erik Pedurand as vocalist for 3 tracks. The album was well received by the press: CHOC Jazzmag – Indispensable Jazznews – Album du jour TSF

He has performed with many artists as: 

Nesrine – Gregory Privat Trio – Kareen Guiock Thuram –  Erik Pedurand – Akua Naru – Tony Chasseur – Mokhtar Samba – Jean Philippe Rykiel – Manolin el Medico – Xavier Belin – Maher Beauroy – Nirina Rakotomavo – Clelya Abraham – Selkies – Benoît Sauvé – Rémi Vignolo – Irving Acao – Adrianno DD Tenorio – François Constantin – Laurent Coulondre – Nicolas Gardel & Headbangers – Tricia Evy –  Amen Viana – Malika Zarra – Sonny Troupé –  Fernando Del Papa – Abraham Mansfaroll – Maude – Rachid Zeroual – Véronique Hermann Sambin – Le Cabaret de Poussière….

Past events:

Joe Zawinul’s Birdland (AT) – Treibhauss (AT) – Guinness Jazz Festival (IE) – Festival International de Flûte et des Arts bédouins (MA) Monte Carlo Jazz Festival (MC) – Instituts français (MA) – El Genaina (EG) – Martinique Jazz Festival – Biguine Jazz Festival (Martinique) – Mejeriet (SE) – Dasingel (BE ) – BIMHUIS (NL) – Noches de Ramadan Madrid (ES) – Scholss Elmau (DE) – MUPA (HU) – Jazz Ahead (DE) – Jazz Baltica (DE) – Bix Jazz Club (DE) – JMC de Carthage (TN) – Atlantic Music Expo (CPV) – Circular Music (IT) – Jazz & Blues Rally Festival (LUX) – Afro Pfingsten (CH) – Jazz en Nord – L’Astrada Marciac – Jazz In Marciac – Jazz sur son 31 – CosmoJazz Festival – Jazz à Junas – Jazz en Tête – Jazz’èbre – Millau en Jazz – Les Folies bergères – La Seine Musicale – Théâtre de la Ville (Paris) – Festival Tempo Latino (Arènes) – Café de la danse – Le Baisé Salé – Le Nubia – Le Duc des Lombards –A-TRANE – La Petite Halle de la Villette – Le Sunset / Sunside …