Elvin Bironien, Bassplayer / Composer


« French born Bassist/Composer Elvin Bironien is one of the most exciting bassist to happen onto the active World Music scene in recent years! » Bass Musician Magazine

Born on September 26, 1986, Elvin grew up in a family where Miles Davis, Frank Zappa, Serge Gainsbourg or Salif Keita are usualy listened. It will allow him to awaken his artistic feeling and quickly become aware that music has no boundaries other than those of the spirit.

He started electric bass in self-taught at thirteen.

Curious and open, he quickly multiply musical experiences and collaborations in Jazz, Fusion, and “world Music” (west africa, Maghreb, Cuba, brazil, Antilles) to pop or RnB.

Coming from a mixed family, he will be interested in the Martinican Créole culture  of his maternal grandfather and very soon, Caribbean music will take a special place in his feelings of groove and rhythm.

He began to play with many artists of Toulouse city stage for several years and will be a member of the FDH trio with the pianist Thibaud Dufoy and the drummer Arnaud Dolmen.

Together, they participate in many events and contests: “Jazz à la Defense contest”, 1st Jury Prize of the Golden jazz Trophy etc…

In 2012 the album named “Le Free du hazard” (Feat. Jacques Schwarz-Bart, Mino Cinelu and Sonny Troupé) was released.

Living in Paris since 2014, he had the opportunity to quickly create a quartet with the pianist Grégory Privat, the guitarist Ralph Lavital and the drummer Pierre-Alain Tocanier with whom he recorded his compositions on A QUEST‘s record (Jazz Family/Socadisc) released in November 2016.

He is also involved in creative projects like Kanazoe Orkestra / Selkies / Xavier Belin – Pitakpi ( with Alexis Valet and Laurent Emmanuel “Tilo” Bertholot ) and has played with many different artists like:

Mokhtar Samba, Jean Philippe Rykiel, Erik Pedurand, Akua Naru, Tony Chasseur, Manolin el Medico, Benoit Sauvé, Rémi Vignolo, Irving Acao, Adrianno DD Tenorio, Maher Beauroy, François Constantin, Laurent Coulondre, Nicolas Gardel & Headbangers, Thierry Vaton, Tricia Evy, Nenad Gajin, Inor Sotolongo, Amen Viana, Tiss Rodriguez, Jon Grandcamp, Malika Zarra, Sonny Troupé, Josiah Woodson, Dharil Esso, Fernando Del Papa, Abraham Mansfaroll, Vincent Bidal, Maude, Rachid Zeroual, Véronique Hermann Sambin, Le Cabaret de Poussière….

Always ready for new adventures on stage or in studio, he continues to explore new horizons…

Few past events:

Joe Zawinul’s Birdland (Autriche), Guinness Jazz Festival (Irlande), Festival International de Flûte et des Arts bédouins (Maroc), El Genaina (Egypte), Martinique Jazz Festival, Biguine Jazz Festival (Martinique), Noches de Ramadan Madrid (Espagne), AFAC Summer Festival (Allemagne), JMC de Carthage (Tunisie), Circular Music (Italie), Jazz & Blues Rally Festival (Luxembourg), Afro Pfingsten (Suisse), Jazz en Nord, L’Astrada – Jazz In Marciac, Jazz sur son 31, CosmoJazz Festival, Jazz à Junas, Festival Jazz’èbre, Millau en Jazz, Les Folies bergères, Théâtre de la Ville (Paris), Festival Tempo Latino (Arènes Vic Fezensac), Baisé Salé, Le Nubia, Duc des Lombards, Petite Halle de la Villette, Sunside, etc …